This network solution based on wave frequency that emits from an earth station to the satellite and then transmitted to the destination station on earth. VSAT or Very Small Aperture Terminal is the most proper solution for corporations that require connectivity from the Headquaerters to branch locations as well as work sites partner locations that are difficult to reach by cables (i.e. remote inland areas (rural) or sea (offshore)). This solution offers a variety of bandwidth which fits to corporate needs in forms of data, voice, and video.

AJN LinkSat

Dedicated Bandwith

Clear Channel

Point to Point / Point to Multipoint

Bandwith 256 Kbps up to Multiple E1

High Reability

Secured Network

C Band Frequency


Easy & Fast Installation

Sharing Bandwidth up to 2 Mbps

Secured Network

C & Ku Band Frequency

IP Based